Write for us, control us like puppets.

We’re really pleased to announce that we’re now accepting scripts for immersive performances. Writing for immersive performance is a completely different way of imagining and creating work and presents a completely new set of challenges that, we know, will develop the way that writers consider their practice.

The call is open so there’s no specific deadline for scripts. You can submit them whenever you think they’re ready and we’ll consider them for whatever we’ve got coming up next.  

There are a couple of examples of scripts from previous performances linked at the bottom for you to have a look at but please do refer to this guidance before you download these.

1. Scripts integrate a high degree of interactivity. So high in fact that the piece cannot fully exist except in the period that a participant spends in the space with the performer. This doesn’t mean that there has to be a conversation about something, touch or staring deeply into a participants eyes are equally interactive.

2. We don’t really do character or acting or learning specifically phrased lines. What this means is that the performer has to be able to ‘be themselves doing something unusual’. If there is dialogue they should be allowed to draw from their own experiences rather than, for example, yours. What this might look like in a script is where, for example, you want a performer to talk about a dream, they shouldn’t have a paragraph of dialogue to recall. You might want to include this as an indication of the tone but also acknowledge that the performer needs to talk about the most scary dream they’ve ever had.

3. Scripts should resemble a normal play script (see examples) but don’t feel restricted by what you can and can’t include. If you need to give us some information to help us understand what your aim is then do. If you need to insert dialogue and then give an overview of how a performer might talk about this then that’s fine. Present your script clearly and consistently but don’t get bogged down in formatting.

4. We’re probably much more likely to produce low-tech work so focus on the interaction between the performer and participants’ bodies and minds.

5. Our normal mode of presentation is one participant to one performer but you should feel free to play with this if you like. We’ve done small competitive group pieces (4-5 participants / 2 performers) and larger group work. Remember that the more people are in the room the less time each person has to engage with the performer.

6. Pieces can be of any length but your work is more likely to be shown if it’s a relatively short piece (approx 15 minutes) that we can repeat. Feel free to consider the accumulative effect of repetition on the performer and environment. For example, if each participant is asked to remove an item of clothing from the performer the performer will, over the course of an evening, become more undressed.

7.  Feel free to suggest essential props. If you have a specific aesthetic in mind then do include this but we might want to change this to fit our overall aesthetic. Again, the simpler the better.

6. Because it’s us then you should feel free to push the limits of the performer in whatever way you wish. Feel free to also push the limits of the what’s socially acceptable. We like work that challenges social convention. we may need to have a chat with you to discuss the ethics of the piece and make changes accordingly but that will very much be a collaborative thing. We won’t make changes without consulting you beforehand. Nudity is fine. Sexual acts are more problematic (mainly due to the ethical consideration surrounding the participants) but we’ll consider your ideas. Touch is fine.

8. We’re unlikely to select anything that will cause long-term or permanent physical damage to a performer and won’t select anything that aims to cause physical or mental damage to a participant. Challenging people is good, aiming to harm them is not what we’re about.

9. It may take us some time to get back to you. If you submit something then accept our thanks now. We’ll consider work when we need to and if we’re excited by what you’ve produced we’ll make contact. I know that’s not ideal but it’s all we can manage with time constraints.

10. We won’t automatically give feedback on individual scripts. That takes time and resources that we don’t have. If you do decide that you want feedback then we will ask you to pay a charge of £20 for this to cover our time. If that sounds unreasonable or money grabbing we apologise but we’re a business at the end of the day. If we don’t accept your work, don’t necessarily think it’s ‘bad’ – it’s more likely that it just doesn’t fit with what we’re trying to achieve.

11. We can’t offer a fee for scripts that are produced. Obviously, you’ll get free tickets to the event where your work is being shown.

12. If we like what you do and work well with you (as in we don’t find out that you’re not an egotistical, self-obsessed twat who doesn’t understand the notion of collaborative working and that the end result might not completely match the original idea) then we’d be really keen to developing a more long-term relationship with you. We don’t know what exactly that would mean at the moment but essentially getting produced once means you’re likely to be produced again.

If you’re still interested, take a look at the scripts below. You’ll notice that they’re quite different in style. The first is more conversation based (although it’s important that you realise that this was then reduced back (what we’d call retroscripted) to just the specific points of conversation as opposed to the specific word. The second is much more scenario-based and gives the participant more free choice in their interaction with the performers.

Links here:

A Thousand Leaves script

Ghost Flowers of the Sub-Night Reverie

please send all scripts to: collectiveunconsciousuk@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing your ideas.

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Aphrodisiac Recipe

In celebration of Lupercalia this weekend we are releasing the recipe for the aphrodisiac drink that we made for Did I Ever Tell You that I Love You? 

Love Collective Unconscious x x x

2015-01-27 13.42.51


6 Tomatoes

1 Large Handful of Fresh Mint

1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon

1 Tablespoon of Honey

1/2 Bottle of White Port (You can buy it from large Tesco stores)


1. Dice the tomatoes and place in a large jug or blender with the other solid ingredients and about a quarter of the bottle of white port.

2. Blend the mixture to a pulp.

3. Strain off the liquid using a sieve, clean tea towel or muslin into a decanter or bottle (You can discard the pulp when you’ve got as much liquid from it as you can)

4. Add the other 1/4 bottle of the white port. You might also want to add some more honey or cinnamon to taste.

5. Drink.

6. Fuck.

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Fools Ball 5

Mask 2014 no title invert

Our next event will be the 5th in the series of Fools Ball events. Following the success of the both the Fools ball in May and The Festival of Fools in August we’re really excited to be taking the event to Malvern Cube on Saturday the 25th October.

If you’d like to join us for a crazy night of live music, DJs and immersive performance then do join us on the Facebook events page which we’ll keep up to date with all the exciting developments – http://tinyurl.com/foolsball5

Tickets (£10 Earlybird / £15 Standard) are on sale via Eventbrite: http://tinyurl.com/foosball5tickets

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The Velvet State

We’re extremely excited to be undertaking our most substantial project to date at this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark with our beautiful friends Fiction Pimps:

The Velvet State is a major construction specially tailored for the Roskilde Festival. The Velvet State is a large-scale interactive universe developed by performers and architects. The core of the project has emerged via an ongoing dialog between the performers and the architects adopting and merging the two disciplines into one universe. The performance part is developed in a dialog between the immersive performance groups Fiction Pimps (DK) and Collective Unconscious (UK). The concept and design behind the structure is the architect Simon Hjermind Jensen of SHJWORKS (DK).

The Velvet State consists of plywood structures containing 13 rooms, a courtyard, a stage, installations, sounds and visuals and will house around 30 performers, amongst other from Club de la Faye (DK) who will engage in an interactive performance-dialogue with you. It is a kaleidoscope of rooms, inhabited by different sensuous modes of being. Some watching you from afar, whispering a twisted tune in your name, softly calling you in. Some because they need you help. Some a sacrifice. The Velvet State opens up to you through your engagement in its maintenance. Through your ability to linger and desire to explore. It is breeding a sensuous society. Furthermore it functions as a sensuous and dreamy framework for a series of performance acts amongst other performance concerts by Dorit Chrysler and Baby Dee (US)Nielsen Sisters (DK)Tantra (DK), intervening performance protest by Triangle Project (US, Cairo, DK) and Voina (RU), performance manifestations by Anna Petri in collaboration with amongst other Ramona Macho and Diana Tørsløv Møller, performance dance acts by Simulacrum (UK) and Horse/Pink eggs (DK) and soundmachines by Florinn B. (DE).

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Tempting Failure 2013

We’re proud to announce that we’re performing at Tempting Failure on 6th April at The Island in Bristol. Set inside a deserted prison, this looks like it’s going to be an amazing event both in terms of setting and more importantly, the artists who are involved.

See: http://www.thomasjohnbacon.com/2013/02/tempting-failure-tickets-now-on-sale.html for full information and buy tickets via the link below.


And join the event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/447110178695950/


And what an amazing looking space!

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Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds is now open.

We are offering a fresh start, a clean break, a new beginning. A new identity, devoid of the rules and social stigma of reality. We offer you a fictional universe inside which to play, inside which to explore yourself. We offer provocations, we offer discussion, we offer stories. We do not offer closure.

Dark Clouds is an installation, exhibition, anthology of writing and performative exploration. At different times it will be for children and for adults. It is located at Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum on Foregate Street until the 22nd of December.

Dark Clouds is supported by a grant from Arts Council England.


Please see our Facebook page here for up to date details of performances and events.

Dark Clouds

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Dark Clouds: 4th – 22nd December at Worcester Museum and Art Gallery.

Dark Clouds is a exhibition, a performance and an anthology of writing, a multi-faceted exploration of the rituals, stories and imagery created in a world without natural light. It is a whisper for change, a call to embrace a more sensuous mode of living, to explore what the values and boundaries of the self. We are already exploring these ideas ourselves. The time has come to explore them with you.

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Next Performance – Sat 17th October 4.00pm

Next performance: Untouchable (curated by Franko B). Performance 17th November 2012

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Next Performance: Dark Clouds – Night Descending

Our next piece of work will be Dark Clouds – Night Descending, a prelude to the Dark Clouds residency in December is being held at The Worcester Arts Workshop (click link to map) which is just around the corner from Foregate Street Station. The performance will take place on Sunday 28th October between 2pm and 5pm and entry is free (although donations are welcome).

Click  the image above or go to – http://www.facebook.com/events/324405470991853/   to join the events page. We recommend arriving early or booking a place to avoid any disappointment.

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Next performance: Untouchable (curated by Franko B). Performance 17th November 2012

Next performance: Untouchable (curated by Franko B). Performance 17th November 2012

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