Artists and Writers Wanted: Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds is an exhibition and durational narrative performance installation taking place at Worcester Art Gallery and Museum between the 3rd and 22nd of December.

We are re-imagining the world without natural light (as a metaphor for ignorance, unhappiness and loneliness) and seeks to answer the following questions in response to this idea.

  • How would people change? How would it affect people?
  • How would it affect power structures?
  • What new rituals would be created?
  • What stories would we tell our children?
  • How would it affect our celebrations?
  • How will the objects and ideas that we covet in contemporary life be re-appropriated for a new life without natural light?
  • What new forms of entertainment will arise?

We are currently running two open competitions for writers and visual artists to win the opportunity to have your work included in the exhibition.

Artists: We are looking for work in any medium that engages with notion of darkness or the macabre.

  • Entry £3.00 for a portfolio of work.
  • Please pay here and then email collectiveunconsciousuk@gmail.com up to five images (1MB max size) or preferably, send a link to your online portfolio.
  • Video artists should submit links to up to three videos available online.
  • Please include your order number and ‘Macabre Art Competition’ in the subject header.
  • Closing date for  entries: 31st October 2012.

Writers: We are looking for short stories (2000 words max) that explore the notion of a  world without light. You may or may not like to take inspiration and ideas from the any or all of the 3 following pieces of writing allowing these to flavour your submission.

Winning entries will be made into an anthology that will form part of the Dark Clouds Exhibition. Each winner will receive a copy of the anthology.

1. He unwrapped the bow and tore off the wrapping paper. It was a box, small, stuffed with tissue paper. “Careful now,” said his father. “Just the top”. The boy lifted the first layer of tissue. Underneath lay the skeleton of a mouse. Perfect. The boy looked at his father and smiled. “It is what you wanted?” The boy nodded and reached out, taking his father’s hand in his own. “Thank you” he said. His father smiled and quickly brushed at the tears forming in his eyes.

2. There are dark clouds upon the horizon.  Snow, racing across the landscape. Cattle dying, lambs bleating out epitaphs. Foxes scratching uselessly at the ice ground. Me, me it is all me. Yawning cavernously, starlight reflections, fanged teeth, stalactites, icicles. I am the words “I am leaving you,” caught up in your hair. I am sadness dripping through the cracks in the pavement. You are a swan, frozen into the canal. You are a goose watching the sparks fly from the sharpening axe. You are there and I am coming. I am coming and there is no escape.

3. She was a girl with little purpose. She liked drinking and kissing the boys. She liked the feel  of the real fur on her face as she pulled her coat around herself. She liked looking in the mirror and counting her freckles. Before mother called dinner, she used to whisper things into her brother’s ear that would make him late to the table. In summer, she would swim naked in the river under the moon. In winter, she would skate. Slow circles. She knew where the dead things were. She knew where they lived.

Entry is £3.00 per story. Please make your payment here and then submit your story to collectiveunconsciousuk@gmail.com. Please ensure you include the order number and ‘Dark Clouds Story Competition’ in your subject header.

Closing Date for entries 31st October 2012.


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